learn hairdressing on DVD

The salon range features every aspect of hairdressing on 9 DVDs captured in HD with constant narration from industry professionals


Like any great learning tool hairdressing DVDs are proven resources used in hairdressing salons, homes and colleges worldwide 


Every DVD in our range has stretched to nearly every county in the world & has been received with 100% positive feedback. 


An average course with a college or professional hairdressing academy will be time consuming and expensive, we are a very cost effective and beneficial alternative.


Readily available at any time our DVDs can be played on TVs – laptops – phones & tablets perfect for learning at home or on the go.


No one cares more, with no price increase in 3 years and a support number to help you get into this industry we believe in a simple motto

‘passion over profit’


Learn to do hairdressing



the key areas our DVDs excel over others are
  • Constant narration – the learner is engaged at all times and never loses focus
  • HD quality – all DVDs have been filmed in a professional studio
  • NVQ standard – References are made throughout in line with current standards
  • Price – £12 each or an amazing £40.00 with no price increase in 3 years
  • Thousands of positive comments from all over the world

Hairdressing education


What makes this range of DVDs unique ?


At £12 each or £40 for the Entire Range you will not find this level of education cheaper elsewhere, the reason for this is when I trained in hairdressing the area i struggled most with was finding cheap great education, thats why our mission is ‘Passion over profit’

I coined the phrase ‘constant narration’ after beginning filming on Salon Classics I found it easier to keep talking whilst demonstrating the hairdressing techniques, when watching the DVD back it flowed perfectly so i discovered by constantly talking about what you are doing what I am actually doing is keeping the attention of the person learning.

I see anything other then a stylist demonstrating & discussing the hairdressing techniques a distraction and that was the simple reasoning behind leaving all music out, and believe me the feedback highlights it works.